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All the details you need in your map are at your finger tips in the most up-to-date form through the processing of street-level imagery.


Solution Methods

The captured images are processed by artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive map with details such as roads, structures, buildings, new or closed routes, signs, traffic lights, road and speed restrictions.


No room for bad suprises

Are you frequently facing with unexpected circumstances during you journeys and it is getting annoying? Thanks to the data on the map, you can foresee situations such as road closures and traffic restrictions and adjust accordingly.

Tiny details can create big difference

In some cases, to be rapid is not only time-saving but life-saving. Knowing some details on the road can be vital. Take no risks and inform yourself about all details on the path


Simple to create and easy to update

The created map isn’t staying with its initial version. The maps created with the captures are automatically updated with each new image input

November 2022
March 2022

Data for the whole world

Data for the whole world

Toronto see data on map


Traffic Sign detection.

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Mapilio is an independent and unbiased provider of street-level imagery and map data, not affiliated with any particular map platform.

Mapilio aims to make the world accessible to everyone by creating better maps from images.

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