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Mapilio's platform creates smart map data using street-level images.

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Capture, upload, and support current maps while earning various rewards.

Supports industry leading companies


Mapilio's Global Spread

Mapilio processes thousands of kilometers of data captured every day around the world, analyzes objects and creates meaningful map data





You can work with any camera

Collect images with common and easy-to-use devices such as smartphones, action cameras, and 360° cameras.

Capture, upload, and use Street-level imagery and data

Contribute with your captures, manage map data, and bring it all to your mapping and GIS workflows with our apps and tools.

  • Manage images under your control

Let AI speed things up.

Speed and scale up mapping

Cut down on human-workload and keep up with change by using machine ‑ extracted map features.

  • Process data fast with artificial intelligence

Capture your own street-level imagery

Capture imagery with any kind of camera to put places on the map through a collaborative street-level view of the world.

  • Start capturing now

Data for the whole world

Checkout best street-level imagery on popular destinations.

Toronto see data on map


Traffic Sign detection.

Open map data

Open data with Mapilio

Contribute and make publicly available your street-level image and map data on the Mapilio platform. Data available on the map platform OpenstreetMap


Capture and upload

Mapilio is a platform consisting of images made by individuals. Contribute to the strengthening of our community and the improvement of the quality of our maps. Both individuals and organizations can benefit from these inputs.


Take advantage of others' contributions

Benefit from the platform's overall database, which gets richer as each member contributes. Like a sports team, every individual's performance makes your life easier.


Make a global impact

Let the database of members' images contribute to common mapping applications used around the world, like OpenStreetMap let's make sure everyone has access to better maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

All cameras with GPS Function can be used. From smartphones to professional devices are suitable.
You can upload but it will be useless for mapping because our system needs multiple photos with different angles.
Before uploading photos to maps, we should check all of them regarding privacy and security aspects. From a few hours to a few days you can find them on maps.
We have confirmation function for people who are captured in uploaded photos. They can confirm or deny to be seen in these photos. Our artificial intelligence technology can also blur faces or license plates. Furthermore, military fields are always blurred by us.
In Mapilio we have two types of earning possibilities. You can join our #CompleteMap challenges or fulfill the demands of our customers for target areas.

1) #CompleteMap Challenge
  • The easiest way to win at Mapilio is to participate in competitions. By uploading photos to our system, you can gain coupons or money. Main aim of these competitions is encouraging people to contribute in their area and is called #CompleteMap challenge.

  • All you have to do is capturing images in the challenge area, with the aim to cover all unmapped roads and paths with some additional characteristics.

  • A global leaderboard will allow you to compare your local contributions with other participants. The leaderboard will have a scoring system that will take into account multiple elements of contribution. Here are the variables that make up the score:
    • Unique kilometres (UKM): this is the total distance of sequences contributed in areas with no previous coverage. For example, if you drove for 10 km and 7 km of it did not have existing imagery, your UKM for that drive would be 7 km.
    • Images: the total number of images the contributor has uploaded during the challenge.
    • Participants: this is the number of people participating in your local challenge. The idea is to encourage and reward collaboration.
    The formula to calculate the score is as follows:
    Score = (total UKM contributed + (images/1000)) * (1 + (count of participants/10))

  • How you can participate
    • 1 . Ask us to set up a challenge for you by submitting a request with your desired location here.
    • 2 . Tell others about the challenge and invite them to contribute in your area.
    • 3 . Begin capturing imagery within your chosen area from December 11th onwards.
    • 4 . Maximise the number of unique kilometres, images, and participants to increase your score.
    • 5 . Check the Global #CompletetheMap leaderboard to see what other localities globally are up to and how you compare.
There is no limitation. You can take and upload photos as much as you want. But we suggest a maximum of 2 Gb of data size for images and 1 Gb for video files.
No, we have only rights to use your photos. Full rights of photos will always be yours.

Fast and accurate data

Imagery and Map data

Access street-level imagery and map data from all over the world. Fill in the gaps by capturing coverage yourself
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Use Mapilio public imagery. You don’t need a license for imagery you contributed.

Make smart maps

Mapilio is the platform that makes street-level images and map data available to scale and automate mapping.

Start sharing images and accessing map data now.

Mapilio is an independent provider of street-level imagery and map data, not affiliated with OpenStreetMap or any specific map platform.

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Mapilio aims to make the world accessible to everyone by creating better maps from images.

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