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Are you ready for a challenge? The 3 contestant who score the most points between 01.03.2023 and 31.05.2023 will win great prizes.

It`s very simple to attend

Capture from your mobile device as much as you can, collect more points than other competitors get your reward.

Focus The Road Set the focus as the path by touching the screen.

Clean Images Make sure that the vehicle hood and other objects are not visible in the image.

Camera Direction Adjust the position of the camera to record the image parallel to the ground.

Situations That Shouldn't Shoot Shooting should not be done in dark, rainy, snowy weather, when the image is blurred.

Exact Location Location Services of your device must be on and precise.

Terms and conditions for the competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Our contest will take place between 01.03.2023 and 31.05.2023.
You can collect points from your captures and take your place on the leaderboard. The first 3 of the leaderboard will get awarded.
The user on top of the leaderboard will be awarded with a Xiaomi Scooter. Second will get a GoPro 360 Pro Max and we have a Beats Solo3 for third competitor.
To collect points from your shootings, they have to meet specifications like; shootings must be taken parallel to ground, must be clean and focused, and should not be taken in dark, rainy, snowy weather or fog.
For the contest only shooting from mobile devices will be accepted. Download our app from AppStore or Play Store and start capturing
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